Smart Station

Smart Station

Gateway Equipment

95.98 €


  • Why can’t I find any devices when they are already added to Smart Station?

    Check the cable connected to router to see if it’s damaged or loose.
  • Why is there a failure when adding Smart Station to the new account?

    Please reach to our technical support.
  • Why does it always disconnect upon finishing configuration?

    Check the cable connected to router to see if it’s loose or damaged, and try to restart the router and Smart Station.
  • Why is the indicator of Smart Station is not lit?

    Please check the power source.


  • The LifeSmart’s Smart Station connects all of LifeSmart products to one central device . As the core of the LifeSmart platform, the Smart Station wirelessly connects all of your devices and sensors. You can stay informed of changing conditions, trigger actions and remotely control various aspects of your home or office. The Smart Station logically links all of your devices to work seamlessly together.
  • Feature

  • Connect up to 500 smart devices
    Real-time reflect smart devices condition
    Remotely control various smart devices
    Trigger multiple intelligent linkage
    Support intelligent voice control
  • Spec

  • Communication Distance:400M(Open Field)
    Maximum Load Current:1A
    Working Humidity:5~90%
    Working Temperature:-5~45℃
    Power Consumption:1.5W
    Input Voltage:5V DC

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