Smart Steel was founded in year 2019. as a result of longterm experience in the fields of industrial energetics, automatisation and process equipment.

Smart Steel is the trademark name for successful and innovative business in the field of housing and commercial buildings automatisation, as well as the automatisation of industrial premises.

Our vision is to be strong global company for our clients, partners and employees recognisable by its values:

  • Excellence is what makes us the best.
  • We change the world with our innovativity.
  • Integrity is the essence of our buisness.
  • We always strive to greatest accomplishments.
  • Human care is the foundation of our success.
  • Our business philosophy is based on integrity, honesty and respect we have earned with our expertise and dedication to achieve best solutions for our clients.

Smart Division is focused on the needs of its users who live in a dynamic and fast changing environment which leaves very little time for everyday obligations. Ivan Markovic
STEEL divison is focused on factories in food processing industry, mostly fruit and vegetable industry, as well as the cooling refrigerators and warehouses for food industry. Ivan Markovic