Smart Station MINI

Nature MINI

Take complete control of your home with one interface.

186.00 €


  • Can Nature Mini replace the central unit?

    Yes the Nature Mini can replace the central unit.
  • What all can be connected through Mini Nature?

    The Mini Nature has 2 free inputs next to the N and L wires, and you can connect lighting or blinds to the free inputs.
  • Can Mini Nature control all Lifesmart devices?

    That you can connect and control all Lifesmart devices via Mini Nature?
  • Where is the best application of Nature Mini?

    The best application is in places where you do not have a router and where the internet is only via WiFi connection (Apartments, cottages ....)


  • It is a gateway and alarm with features of security alarming, doorbell, network radio, remote control, intelligent linkage and AI management. It connects to all smart devices to build a smart home system.
  • Feature

  • 480*480P high definition IPS touch screen
    Built-in gateway to add and manage other smart home devices
    High screen-to-body ratio
    Built-in speaker
    Fire retardant material
    Supports remote control via mobile app
  • Spec

  • Model Number:LS226WH~LS228WH (1 way~3 way)
    Installation:In-wall concealed with 86 back box
    Operating Temperature:-5~45℃
    Operating Humidity:5~90%
    Network:Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
    Interface:Live/Neutral/Light1/Light2/Light3 wire in;
    Screen:4 inch
    Operation System:Linux
    Power Supply:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

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