Nature (Interaction Center)

Nature (Interaction Center)

Recommended for using with Smart Station

750,00 €


  • How to add smart home devices to Nature?

    Login LifeSmart account in Nature, it can automatically add the devices under the LifeSmart account.


  • Nature is an all-in-one smart interaction center, designed with customizable physical scene buttons and 10.25” high definition touch screen to enjoy wonderful human-computer interaction. The anodized aluminum casing make it durable and elegant.
  • Feature

  • 10.25” High Definition Touch Screen
    Configurable Built-in Menu
    Customizable Physical Scene Buttons
    Anodized Aluminum Casing
  • Spec

  • Size:342*122*16mm(Exposed Panel), 335*114*70mm(Backbox Accessory)
    Working Humidity: 5~90%
    Working Temperature: -5~45℃
    Power Supply: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption: <20W
    Network: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz / Ethernet
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2
    Screen Resolution:1920 x 720
    Interface:Live/Neutral/Earth Wire in, Ethernet RJ45, HDMI in, USB

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