Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch

Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch

Smart Station Required

115.18 €


  • What kind of bulbs do Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch support?

    Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch provides silicon controlled dimmer, it needs to work with light bulbs which support silicon control.
  • Is the brightness of brightness indicator adjustable?

    The brightness of brightness indicator can be adjusted through App.
  • What is remote control disable function?

    When remote control disable is enabled, mobile can not control the switch remotely to ensure safety.


  • Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch integrates light control, motion detection, illuminance detection together into one device. It triggers light ON/OFF by detecting motion and illuminance, so it may realize light ON when people coming, light ON when getting dark and many other smart control scenes.
  • Feature

  • Illuminance detection, motion detection
    Brightness indicator
    Intelligent speaker control
    Remote control disable
    Smart linkage
  • Spec

  • Working Temperature:-5~45℃
    Working Humidity:5~90%
    Standby Power:less than 1W
    Operating Voltage:100-240V AC
    Wireless Distance:100m (open field)

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