CUBE Environmental Sensor

CUBE Environmental Sensor

Smart Station Required

53.99 €


  • Is the CUBE environment sensor data updated in real time?

    The environment sensor completes the synchronization and updates data in one minute when the surrounding environment changes.
  • What is the numerical unit of the date the CUBE environment sensor gathers?

    Centigrade (℃) for temperature. Relative humidity (RH) for humidity. Illuminance is a relative value.
  • Why doesn’t the LCD screen display data?

    Remove the rear cover to see whether the plastic strip has been removed or not.
  • Why is the data on the screen inconsistent with the value in history?

    Please wait for one minute to observe whether the historical information is synchronized properly.


  • It monitors indoor temperature, humidity and illumination and equipped with a LCD display showing these data in real time. It also works with other devices to perform smart, triggers or scenes.
  • Feature

  • Small and Exquisite
    LCD screen
    Multiple Intergrated Sensors
    Long Stanby Time
    Multiple Combination of Triggers
  • Spec

  • Working Humidity:5~90%
    Working Temperature:-5~45℃
    Battery Type:CR2450
    Wireless Range:100M (Open Field)

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