CUBE Clicker

CUBE Clicker

Smart Station Required

23.88 €


  • Does it need wiring?

  • Can it only be used to switch lights?

    You can define its function according to your own desire.
  • Can it be used to replace the function of the BLEND light switch?

    No, it cannot be directly used for lighting and other power control, but you can set a trigger with the BLEND switch.


  • The LifeSmart Cube Clicker is a very useful button which can be attached nearly everywhere, a simple one-click action button can trigger a series actions in a space occupied with Smart Home devices. It gives you an easy access to your Smart Home without taking out your Mobile Device.
  • Feature

  • One-Key Smart Scene Control
    Freely Place
    Long Standby Time
    Multiple Smart Scenes Switch
    Personalized Panel Color
  • Spec

  • Working Humidity:5~90%
    Working Temperature:-5~45℃
    Battery Type:CR2450
    Wireless Range:100M(Open Field)

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