120 Smart Light Switch

120 Smart Light Switch

Smart Station Required

71.98 €


  • How does the Smart Light Switch control televisions, air conditioners and stereos?

    With the help of Smart Station and Spot, the Smart Light Switch is able to control 99% of infrared remote controller, so to control corresponding devices.
  • Why is the LED indicator of the Smart Light Switch off?

    Please enter switch setting page to see if the indicator is turned off.
  • How does the Smart Switch achieve multiple control?

    Use ‘Multi control for switch’ from public template to enable multi-control.


  • The LifeSmart Smart Light Switch replaces your ordinary switch with smart home technology to make your life easier. It still functions as a traditional light switch, but with the LifeSmart system, you will gain infinite control possibilities. Just one touch, you will be able to turn on your televisions, stereos, air conditioners, heaters and lighting separately or together instantly.
  • Feature

  • Simple Modern Design Style
    Black/White Panel
    Double Control/ Multi-Control
    16 Million Color, Free Combinations
    Multiple Triggers
  • Spec

  • Working Humidity:5~90%
    Working Temperature:-5~45℃
    Static Consumption: <1.5W
    Working Voltage: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
    Wireless Distance: 200M(Open Field)

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